Unbelievable Value for Money 

     HABER YACHTS sp. z o.o. has been building yachts since 1991 and our aim has always been to satisfy the demands of customers who can recognize and appreciate exceptional quality. Our yachts appeal to buyers who understand good seakeeping, safety, comfort and the combination of modern practicality with traditional styling. We build HABER yachts exclusively to individual order, each yacht is unique and gives the sense of its exceptionality to the customer. Working directly with our customers, we continue to modernise and develop the way we build our boats.


The key elements necessary to build the yacht: fibreglass lamination, woodwork and stainless steel hardware are all performed in house. This enables us to keep full control of the quality and gives us tremendous flexibility to respond to customers' needs. To build HABER yachts we use the highest quality materials along with equipment from well-proven and established suppliers. All of the lamination is done in the traditional way with gelcoat and resin being hand laid, then the moulded components remain in a climate controlled environment for 30 days to ensure proper curing. Hull construction is designed in accordance with the requirements of Classification Associations' regulations and centerboard boxes are laminated integrally with the hull to ensure structural strength. The trim, stability, watertightness and engine operation of every boat are checked in our test basin with more customised yachts also being tested on the Baltic Sea.

Safety and Comfort

     HABER yachts are safe, comfortable and handle excellently under sail. The high and well-glazed superstructure ensures standing height in the cabin and exceptional visibility while navigating. The roof with transparent side shields which extend from the aft bulkhead of the superstructure provides a convenient natural sprayhood and the self draining closed transom cockpit with seats below the deck line offers a real sense of safety to the crew. Together with the superstructure it protects the crew from wind and rain both in the harbour and while sailing. The shape of the hull, deck and superstructure ensures the unique stability of all HABER yachts. Those yachts built to categories A and B right themselves from all angles of heel up to and including 180°, from the mast-down position. This is the so-called tumbler-toy effect. The geometry of the hull, the carefully planned interior layout and the layout of the hull structure ensure functionality and guarantee comfort unequalled by any other yacht of this size. The yachts are equipped with a functional and comfortable galley and a separate heads compartment with the option of a shower. There is ample storage under the bunks, on the shelves and in the compartments. The HABERS' propulsion is an inboard diesel engine with traditional straight shaft and the engine rooms are adequately insulated and installed under the cockpit floor. HABER yachts are equipped with the guari-type gaff rig which gives very firm and simple rigging with a large and easy-to-use mainsail for light winds right up to storm conditions. All rig and sail handling, including lowering and raising the mast, can be done by one person. The harmonious hull lines ensure exceptional directional stability and excellent manoeuvrability. Owing to their shallow draught and reasonably low height over the water line (with the mast lowered) HABER yachts are excellent for cruises on lakes, rivers and canals and their strength and stability make them perfect for inshore and offshore navigation. HABERS are also easy to transport due to their dimensions and weight. Thanks to these properties our boats can reach many remote and interesting places not accessible by other yachts. A long list of additional equipment gives the buyer a possibility of independent customisation of their yacht.
· Spacious cabins of standing height with galley and separate heads compartment

· Rigging and mast raising/lowering can be done by one person

· Smaller models are trailerable

· Highly customisable interior and exterior

· Lots of storage space

· Excellent handling under sail

· Stable and seaworthy with design specifications for inland, coastal, offshore and ocean passages

· Cutting edge C4 self-steering system

· Full access to diesel inboard engine installed under the cockpit floor

and the list goes on and on...
HABER 800 confirmed the success achieved by HABER 660. Characteristically of all HABERS, this one also has a spacious cabin with 5 berths, 1.90 m standing height, a separate forepeak and a heads compartment, a comfortable galley and plenty of storage space in the lockers. Thanks to a clever design the mast can be lowered and raised within 15 minutes by one person. The yacht is designed for short and medium length cruises on lakes, rivers, coastal waters and offshore and is built to design categories C, B and A. It is very easy to operate thanks to the rigging in the sloop version. The HABER 800 gaff sloop is also available with our unique C4 self-steering system.

HABER 800 Technical Data

HABER 800 Sloop

HABER 800 Cutter 

HABER 800 C4 Self-Steering Yacht

Thanks to the shallow draught, the folding mast and the seaworthiness the yacht is designed for short and medium long cruises on lakes, rivers, coastal waters and offshore - it is built in categories C and B. The HABER 660 gaff sloop is very economical and easy to transport. It is possible to make this yacht with the cutter-version rigging and with our unique C4 self-steering system.

HABER 660 Technical Data

HABER 660 Sloop

HABER 660 Cutter 

HABER 660 C4 Self-Steering Yacht

It is the latest model produced by HABER shipyard, a perfect starter boat to begin your sailing adventure with HABER yachts. Thanks to innovative shallow draft design of the hull (partially flat bottom) the boat is quite versatile. HABER 620 gaff sloop is also very economical to run and easy to transport over the road (standard weight with 4HP outboard - about 1300kg). It is built to exacting standards using the design category C. The yacht offers standing height in the cabin and boasts an interior that is very spacious. The toilet is in a dedicated space (like in all HABER yachts) which is very rare for a yacht of its size.

HABER 620 Technical Data

HABER 620 Gaff Sloop

Aftersales Services
Both HABER 800 and HABER 660 can be shipped by 40' container which greatly reduces delivery costs. We also handle the import, commissioning and launching of your beautiful new HABER. Alternatively, we act as brokers for HABER owners who wish to sell (though not many do!). For repairs, test sails, maintenance, queries, friendly conversation and so on, please feel free to contact us.
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